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The Morticia's Lovers


NeW LP on Demolition Derby is Out !!!

PARTY ON!! After numerous headliner tour across Europe, US and Canada and after releasing the previous works on US labels, the band was given blandishing room on the w-wide famous Maximum Rock and Roll! The FOURTH album confirms Morticia’s Lovers as the top band in the european rock and roll scene. Thirteen pure snooty wild and degenerate punk rock songs, including two great covers of MINOR PUNK CLASSIC SONGS (Dead in the Suburbs from Los Reactors & Alcoholiday from The Kaos) that highlight – if we still need it - in which measure the only real punk rock it’s worth recovering is 77’s. From the early days garage-punk lo-fi passing through trash’n’roll they have gained the actual explosive mix of pure energy blending the primordial 50’s rock 'n'roll, the '77 iconoclast energy and ... a late 70's minimalist new wave sprinkling.
Buzzcocks, Kids, Dickies & Chuck Berry are cheek to cheek but with a revolver in the holster...the perfect album for your next RnRoll party high alchool !! Or, as Nervous Action writes: ‘If Italian for masturbation is 'sega', this is 'mega drive'!

Smash The Radio: Rocknroll, punk 77, new wave pretends fighting each other. The neurotic refrain enters your mind giving you a KO...
Go Baby Go: …what happens when she mistakes you for a fuckin’ rockstar...Go Baby Go.....
Saturday Night: The Hives completely drunk meet the Briefs loaded with amphetamine, ouch....I wanna shake it up....
Try : Raw guitars uber alles !!!
Dead In The Suburbs: a glittering jewel from 1980 reinterpreted by Lovers!
How I Hate You : Custom Dance Rock N Roll à la Chuck Berry. But Chuck is fed up...
Love is just an hippy’s thing: No Love-No Hippies manifesto
Rent A Lover: Smashing catchy punk Hey, Baby, rent a know’s just fun!!!
Chemical Drugs: Rocknroll rave party completely based on chemical drugs. You just a sucker !!!
Strap On : 'L'amour a trois' as seen by Lovers. Porn rocknroll ....xxxxx....Vibrators buzz....xxxx....Orgasm
Alcoholiday: A great cover of this 1980 punk anthem of the Kaos.... Do ya need an Alcoholiday ????
I Wanna See Ya: Voyeurs, sick sex e snotty punk
Mr J Thunder : Sick and degenerate ... Johnny Thunders would be proud of it!!

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CD on Ammonia Records/V2 will be out on 15 th April 2004