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The Morticia's Lovers


The Morticia's Lovers are one of the reason you dig being in the rock'n'roll fuckin' world !!! Four decerebrate, violent, hip, fake people who have carved almost legendary fame for themeself in the sunny Italy.

IThe Morticia’s Lovers were born in Piacenza, Italy in 1995. At the begin their sound took inspiration from the Fuck CD’s’ philosophy and from lo-fi/garage-punk bands like Mummies, Supercharger and Statics, but also from the Cramps, the garage punk’66 and the obscure 77’ punk.

In the 1998 they released their first LP ’Take to Ride with Us’ on Violator Records, it comes defined from Rumore as like’a dangerous mixture of rockabilly pre-Beatles, garage beat and punk rock’ and from Maximumrocknroll like a mix between ' Killed by the death' bands and Surfin Bird. Constant gigging soon built up a good reputation for the Morticia’s Lovers, resultin in much fanzine and magazines interviews and reviews.

Then their sound moves, at first towards the trash- rocknrolll and then to a mix between ‘77 punk and '55 rocknroll. They released 2nd LP 'Piss & Love' with Mad Driver and the 3rd 'Rocknroll Overdose' with the Zaxxon Virile Action records. Constant gigging soon built up a good reputation for the Morticia’s Lovers. They toured all over Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, England, Canada, USA and ex-Yugoslavia. It comes consecrates to you like one of the best punk rock'n'roll band in circulation, realizing interviews for many european and american fanzines and magazine. They have also played at the Wild Weekend, the most important garage/punk/rocknroll European festival and open shows for Radio Birdman, The Zodiac Killers, Thee 5678’s, The Drags, Los Ass Draggers, The Demons, Fleshtones, Rudy Protrudy & The Jaymen.......

At the begin of 2004 they released their 4th album: Smash the Radio on Demolition Derby (LP) and Ammonia/V2 (CD) : an explosive mix of pure energy blending the primordial 50’s rock 'n'roll, the '77 iconoclast energy and ... a late 70's minimalist new wave sprinkling.

Morticia’s Lovers mess up your night !!!


Ammonia Records/V2
Demolition Derby

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