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The Morticia's Lovers




1998 - MCD Morticia's Lovers/Amplificators (Amplificator Rds)
1998- LP 'Take a Ride with us' (Violator Records)
1999- AAVV-'Zombie shake' (Rockin Bones) with Cindy Lou
2000- 7'' 'My baby mmhh/Rockabilly Drugstore (Goodbye Boozy)
2000- split 7'' Morticia's Lovers/Superfly T.N.T.'S (Perdurabo Rcs)
2000- LP 'Piss and Love' (Mad Driver Records)
2003- LP 'Rocknroll Overdose (Zaxxon Virile Actions)
2004- 'Smash The Radio' CD (Ammonia Records)
2004- 'Smash The Radio' LP (Demolition Derby Rds)

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Frivolous New Wave with hints of the BRIEFS, the SHOKS, NEW TOWN ANIMALS, the SPITS...great choppy guitars to give the whole thing that itchy, erratic feeling that goes hand in hand with this style and it's something that
I have a weakness for! Right from the front cover and the title I know this will excite me! I'm a New Wave spastic and this makes me convulse. A lot of bands try to do the whole New Wave thing because it's cool with bands like the BRIEFS and the EPOXIES getting quite popular but it's very, very easy to get this very, very wrong. It's not something that any band can do.Listen to this record and all the other bands in this review to see it done properly with a lot of style.

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Maximum Rock 'n' Roll - April 2003
MORTICIA'S LOVERS are in heavy rotation in my car. These Italian bad asses have released their second album on Zaxxon Records and it fucking smokes. Mixing the snot-nosed elements of the KIDS, the lo-fi gene of SUPERCHARGER, and a thrashed-out nod to 50s r 'n' r like the SPACESHITS, this is fun for the whole rock and roll family. And as a bonus, it's delivered with those adorable Italian accents. Just precious. Listen to them rework PAUL COLLINS BEAT's "Rock 'n' Roll Girl", I swear to God I don't even know if they are singing the correct lyrics. (by Bobby Manic)

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Maximum RNR/ N. 215 April 2001 'The cover of this LP is in black and white with some yellow…I didn't really pay nuch attention to the photo until I was looking for the title …the yellow would be stream of urine of the woman is dripping into a wine glass. Not sure if that's just lewd or if it's rock'n'roll…Yet another outstanding record from Italy. This isn't the typical Ramones-core stuff that they've been turning out, which of course I'm big on, but this is is something I love just as much: trashy, fun stripped-down rock'n'roll. This is the record you get drunk at noon ..much as I'm doing right now. This is sideburns and denim rock'n'roll with just a hint of hair grease. I'm fuckin loving on this. Nothing else this month can top it. Even on the first listen I find myself singing along to 'I don't speak English'. Normally I'm against Buddy Holly covers but I'm letting theirs slide just because everything else here rock my world. Viva Italia !

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No Brains 'zine - For quite long time I didn't see any Superfly T.N.T.'s records and finally here it is. It's split 7"ep with Morticia's Lovers. They are lo fi garage trash punk. There are lot of bands like this, but I don't care - I just love Morticia's Lovers. "Lou Anne" & "Boredom" are great songs. Superfly T.N.T.'s side starts…

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Maximum R'n'R N. 206 ' Morticia's Lovers exploding in the back with some down home rockabilly...The recording has plenty of scratchy distorsion and vocal reverb, and tons of energy. I don't know how they captured it, but just by listening I can envision these guys smiling at each other and giving each other shit as they play their guts out….

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Noises from the Garage #9- This Italian crew plays the kind of trashed up r'n'r that immediately brings up comparisons to the greats: The Mummies, Supercharger, The Dukes of Hamburg. It's only fitting that they cover 'Zodiac' and The Young Rascals 'Come on up' Mummy-style. They also rock like hell too. Yeah, I like this a whole lot and I recommend it to be played loud and proud at your next drunken bash.

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