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The Morticia's Lovers


The Last Challenge- Morticia's Lovers, after 8 years of party, rocknroll, nihilism and no-sense dates will split at the end of May. But before.....

Venerdi 27 maggio - MADLY PUB, Castelnuovo, Piacenza
+ ZODIAC KILLERS [special guest Club 27]

Sabato 28 maggio - PUTAS, Poggiana di Riese, Treviso

+ ZODIAC KILLERS [special guests: Terminals + The Na



Morticia's Lovers at Rock TV - Database

Clicca qui per leggere tutti gli sms con insulti, opinioni, richieste sessuali che abbiamo ricevuto durante la partecipazione al programma Database a RockTv.

Click here to Read all the sms the guys sent to the Lovers [in italian]


Morticia's Lovers Video

Smash the radio video clip release party !! 2'40" of pure nosense fights, pogo-pogo, gangs on dope, chemical smiles !!!

Nichilist Manifesto for the next generations

Click here to see some Video Pics


Morticia's Lovers are "Singled Out" by SugarBuzz Magazine from Hollywood, CA. USA



NeW LP/CD on Demolition Derby and Ammonia Records/V2 is Out Now !!!

This album confirms Morticia’s Lovers as the top band in the european rock and roll scene. Thirteen pure snooty wild and degenerate punk rock songs, including two great covers of minor punk classic songs (Dead in the Suburbs from Los Reactors & Alcoholiday from The Kaos). >>>Read more

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